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    I am a full time Artist living in Philadelphia, PA. I studied at California College of the Arts, majoring in Illustration. I then transferred to Full Sail University, in Florida, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and computer Animation. I love that I am able to use my imagination to connect with others in my community and help shape and change my environment for the better. Art is like a post card to the future, it allows people to experience my perspective and what influenced me at that very moment in time. Sending a message to through time and space. I hope to take my work to the next level, by using both my traditional & Digital skill to make augmented Art.
    The transition of becoming a full time artist was not easy. I want to be a staple for Artists, to show that if you work hard and you plan right, you can build a bridge to success. It takes a great deal of sacrifice but the pursuit of happiness is far more rewarding than giving your time to someone else's dream. I have learned to invest in myself and I hope to encourage others to do the same.
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