Drake + Noah ’40’ Shebib…

Young Thug + Alex Tumay…

Kendrick Lamar + Derek ‘MixedByAli’ Ali…

Future + Seth Firkins…

All amazing artists in their own right that made it big after they started working closely with a specific audio engineer. Who knows, maybe the next dynamic duo will be You + Dawn Sound?

With experience in sound design, hip hop and trap production, as well as engineering for many rappers, singers, and producers alike,  I have the experience to ensure that your project comes out exactly how you envision it. I’d love the chance to work with you to make your music sound as good as it possibly can! With free revisions, flexible payment schedules, and quick turnarounds, there’s no reason to look elsewhere. Give your music the polish it deserves: the Dawn Sound. Trust me, you sound better than you think!


How do I send you my files?

For mixing, I generally prefer if you export all stems as WAV files and turn off any sort of mixing effects like EQ, compression, or reverb. Any sort of creative effect that is integral to the song can stay on. Please make sure that there are no effects on the master buss such as a limiter or compressor, and try to avoid clipping above 0db.

What type of file will I get back?

I send my mixes and masters back at 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files that are ready for upload to all major streaming services, Soundcloud, or even CD and vinyl production.

What’s the average turn around time?

Easiest way is to contact me and ask what my current schedule is like! If I’m not in the middle of a big project, I’ll often be able to start work on your track within a day or two.


Mastering – $15 USD per song

Mixing vocals to a single WAV file instrumental (mastering incl.) – $30 USD per song

Mixing with full stems (mastering incl.) – $90 USD per song

I also offer a bulk deal of “buy 4, get 1 free”.

Check out my full portfolio at my website, here!

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