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KLA The young and beautiful , multi-talented KLA came into this world on December 12th, 1995. Her family originated from Portugal, she was the first generation to be born in Canada. KLA is currently a singer-songwriter, model, and actress but her main priority and focus is her music. Growing up she excelled in sports (especially basketball & volleyball) but also always had a passion for music. She was recognized for her voice in school music programs, where she was chosen for solos and she was very involved in various singing groups. Kayla made her first debut in a horror film titled “Invite Only” directed by Basileo Odukoya, filmed in Hollywood.

Since December 2016, she has traveled to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto to pursue her talents, working with movie directors, actors, music producers, artists, stylists, dancers and photographers. She has an incredible drive to go after her dreams which has been very inspiring for those who follow her journey through her social media & music. KLA chose the slogan “mayiinspireyou” because her goal when deciding to make a career based around her talents & dreams was to inspire others by showing them that truly believing in yourself and hard work pays off.

KLA traveled to Kenya, Africa in 2013 after fund-raising $50,000 with K.I.D.S initiative over the course of 4 years. That was a life changing experience for her as she was exposed to another part of the world that had a completely different lifestyle. Since that experience she has had the dream to make a difference in the world and connect with as many people as she can through her music. When connecting with her music while writing songs she realized how powerful a song can be with the right message. She would especially like to be a positive influence for young girls/woman who should be reminded how strong and beautiful they can be when they believe in themselves. Her mission is to be a world wide inspiration. Follow her journey.