Are you a local Philadelphia artist who wants their voice heard? Join us at InksterPrints on November 11th from 6PM to 9PM for our first official CollabPlug Cypher! The venue is located at 530 S 4th St. #2 in South Philly (right at the corner of 4th and South) and we hope to see you there! This is a great opportunity to showcase your artistic ability, meet the local scene of Philadelphia rappers, and hopefully build new relationships and connections. For a taste of what’s to come in November, you can see a previous Philly Cypher presented by our older company below.

Now with, we are hoping this Cypher reaches newer and bigger audiences. You can meet some of the people who keep CollabPlug running, and we would love to chat with the local artists we serve to represent on our site.

If you can make it, you can RSVP on the Facebook Event Page here. Also, a very big thank you to InksterPrints for providing us with a venue for this cypher, you can check out their Facebook and website at

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