Open Verse Contest!
How to get these beats free and receive placement on the CollabPlug Album:
1.) Pick between the beats you see here. Download it.
2.) Record a verse or hook on them alone or collab with friends and artists you like.
3.) Send us what you record in the form below. (Links to SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Drive and more are fine.)

A group of industry artists, producers and audio engineers will listen to all submitted songs and pick the best verse and hooks to receive placement on the beat and album. Your verse/hook will get a free mix and master and will receive placement on the collabplug album. Not only will you have a chance to work with some amazing industry and upcoming artists, but you will also receive a percentage of streaming revenue on your song! This contest is open to all artists and creators who think they have what it takes. So start recording today and good luck!


Limited Time Beat: 12/19/18 Collab Album Contest! – 2 Open Verse Spots!

First song contest is live now! Two open verse spots on this beat with KLA singing the hook. To enter…

1.) Record a verse in the open spot or collab with a friend for the second verse. DOWNLOAD BEAT

2.) Tag @collabplug @sheiskla @jonboiibeatz on Instagram if you have one

3.) Download the CollabPlug App.

Winner(s) will be announced on 12/19/18 and will receive placement on the CollabPlug Album which will be on all streaming platforms! You also get a chance to work with the major industry producers, rappers, singers and engineers working on this album. Download the beat below and start recording your verse today!