COTW3 | Amy Winehouse x Nas


Lioness: Hidden Treasures is the third and final album from Amy Winehouse, posthumously released late in 2011. This compilation album of unreleased recordings were selected by Amy’s close friends and family, and features the latest works of one of the world’s greatest voices. Known for the single “Body and Soul” featuring legendary singer Tony Bennett, Lioness was a true gift to fans who wanted to continue celebrating Amy’s contribution to music. “Like Smoke” is another track off the album, featuring popular artist Nas.

Nas is one of hip-hop’s greatest, and it goes without saying that Illmatic is one of the best hip-hop albums of all time. His 2-decade career doesn’t end there, however, as Nas has been active in the industry since his 1994 debut. He’s done many collaborations in his time, but “Like Smoke” stands out as one of my favorites. The song itself sounds perfect for Nas’ style and rhythm; it’s oozing with soul, grit, and prowess, with plenty of that energy coming from Winehouse’s passionate vocals. Please enjoy this song and celebrate the incredible music that both of these artists made.

Bonus video: Amy Winehouse was also featured on the Nas song/video “Cherry Wine”.


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