Q. – What is CollabPlug?

A – We’re a free to use platform connecting music artists and creators from all over the world! You can securely buy/sell any music service your mind can think of. All payments are secured via PayPal Escrow to provide peace of mind for both sides. You also get access to tools that make collaborating easier like accepting/declining budgets, sending custom offers and a simple dashboard to track and manage all your projects.

Q.- What can I do on here as a seller?

A – As a seller you can sign up and post offers for services you want to sell. Artists looking for your services can easily preview your work and securely pay you upfront before you even start working, You can accept and decline budgets, send custom offers, get paid upfront securely via escrow, live chat and file share on the cloud workspace, and track/manage all your sales/projects.

Q. – What is Escrow?

A – On CollabPlug the Escrow Payment System works like this. The buyer pays upfront in full before the seller starts working. The payment is securely held while both parties work together. Once the project is complete and the seller delivers the work, the payment is instantly transferred to the seller.

Q. – How long do payments take to transfer and how do you send it over?

A – Payments are instantly transferred once the buyer marks the project as complete. If there is a dispute between both parties then funds will be locked until a resolution is reached. We can transfer the payment via any method that is easiest with you. We prefer PayPal but can also send it via Venmo, Cash App or Bank Transfer.

Q. – What if I’m not happy with the product delivered?

A – As a buyer you can entitled to 3 revisions. That way you can get any changes you need done and make sure it turns out exactly how you want it.

Q. – Is it really free?

A – Yes! We’re free to sign up and use.

Q. – How do you guys make money?

A – We ask for a 8% transfer fee on sales to keep everything secured and running smoothly! For example as a seller if you make a $100 sale, you would receive $92 total upon completion of the project.

Q. – My links won’t properly embed on my post. What am I doing wrong?

A – Our platform doesn’t automatically embed mobile links, so make sure you edit the links to the desktop version! For example “m.youtube.com/yourlink” just change it “https://www.youtube.com/yourlink” and it will automatically embed upon saving the post!