Many of you know the YouTube entity “Filthy Frank”, and to be completely honest, many of you might hate him. His polarizing appeal has led to plenty of opinions about his identity and work, and his most popular “Pink Guy” releases leaves audiences divided. Is it a satirical masterpiece, or is it a complete waste of time? Whether or not you like George Miller, the guy behind these aliases, his musical project Joji is a complete deviation from his other musical and personal outlets. Joji is perhaps his most ambitious and intimate project, leaving behind the wacky and outrageous head space you know him for. Don’t believe me? Check out the incredibly morose video for his new track “Will He” below.

Thinking about a past lover with someone else is a difficult burden to bear, and it is the main focus of the lyrical themes behind “Will He”. Lines like “Will your lover caress you the way that I did?” paint a perfect, yet shattered image of a relationship that’s been left behind. If the lyrics aren’t poignant enough, the depressive, minimal piano that sustains throughout the track leaves quite an impression. The video itself is visceral and beautiful, displaying a sharp contrast between red and blue within every shot. Like many of you, you were probably as surprised as me when I found out he was capable of creating music like this. Either way, it’s quite a powerful track, and you should give it your attention, even if you don’t enjoy his YouTube persona.

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