Check out the video below to see how to properly edit your links so they embed properly! Make sure you edit mobile links to the desktop version.

Example: should be changed to then hit save and it’ll automatically embed, this applies with SoundCloud links as well.

Posting Offers vs. Posting Recruitments

Posting offers are for when you’re looking to sell or offer a service. For example you want to sell features, custom beats, cover art and more. There you enter the price you charge for the service and the number of days it would take you to get everything complete.

Posting recruitments are for when you want to get a team of artists together for one project. You can directly purchase offers or post a recruitment to have sellers come to you with their offers.

*Known Bugs*

We’re aware that when editing an existing offer and hitting “save” the embedded links go away. We’re working on a fix currently but advise users editing offers to just copy the description before hitting save, that way you can easily paste it back in. Please contact us on here or social media @collabplug for instant assistance.

FIXED 9/15/2018^^