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Whether someone streams or downloads your music you collect 100% of your earnings. It will be credited to your account.


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You keep 100% of your sales revenue whether someone streams or downloads your music.

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Our quality control team checks your data for completeness, before we can send it to the shops.

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With us you only pay once 0,25 ct per shop per track.

Sample calculation:

Alex wants to sell his new single and he wants to release it in 30 shops.

1 single and 30 shops
Quality Control 0,50 € per track
30 Shops á 0,25 €
0,50 € + 7,50 € = 8,00 €

Jill wants to sell her new album with 10 tracks and she wants to release it in 10 shops.

1 album [10 tracks] and 10 shops
Quality Control 0,50 € per track
10 Shops á 0,25 € x 10 tracks
5,00 € + 25 € = 30,00 €

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