Over 1 billion users

That means almost one-third of the internet have joined YouTube.

18 - 34 year olds are watching

YouTube, especially on mobile devices, reaches more people in the US than any TV network

88 countries

YouTube is localized in 88 countries

76 languages

YouTube can be accessed in 76 different languages

Source: www.youtube.com

Benefits of a Network

  • In contrast to “normal” users in the YouTube Eco System , we have the most powerful tool: The CID [Content ID]
  • If you don’t have the CID tool, you have no control over your content in the YouTube Eco System. The user has limited protection.
  • With CID, we as a network have the capability to inform the algorithm that the content belongs to the client.
  • This is an important and powerful tool. You determine what happens to your copyright material and we, as a network, ensure that the income is managed in such a way that it is best for our client.

Why Unit Media?

  • Certified YouTube Partner
  • Content ID system to monetize, track and / or block audiovisual content from UGC [user-generated content].
    • Even if third parties upload your videos!
  • Monthly payouts
  • Fair and transparent revenue sharing
  • Metadata optimization for better ranking and linking of content
  • Online campaign, Social Media [Facebook, Twitter + Co.]
  • Personal support by certified YouTube channel managers
  • Years of experience in video content management
  • All rights are 100% owned by the client.
  • Cross-linking of channels is possible
    • Creators has the opportunity to grow faster
  • Workshop for channel optimization
  • Digital media distribution provides additional sources of income for musicians
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What we do for you?

  • We protect your property. You alone should decide what happens to your content!
  • You can set your content guidelines, and we will make sure that they are observed e.g.:
    • Monetization of videos uploaded by other users [UGC – User Generated Content]
    • Blocking unwanted content [worldwide or selected countries]
    • Tracking of content [without monetization]
  • We identify all videos that use your original content. We find every second of your content!
  • We take care of your rights and optimize your content and income streams
  • As a YouTube partner, we are the first who know what the current and new trends are. You will get our knowledge in order to optimize your channel.

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